SWEAT LODGE Bio & Portrait

Audio Clip:
Interview with Andrew Genous
(90 seconds, 228 kB MP3)
Part of this backstage interview with the lead singer of Sweat Lodge was sampled for Chumpchange, the band's self-produced full-length CD. This clip contains the origin the song title "Mouth Open God Willing" and includes 60 seconds not heard on the CD. Interview conducted by The Bricklayer at Gabe's Oasis in Iowa City.
(WARNING: Obscene, profane language)

Final Show Poster (21 kB JPG)
Final Concert Poster

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Concert Flyer Artwork

Read about the band and the CD:
Sweat Lodge Press
(articles from local newspapers)


SWEAT LODGE Band Portrait (16 kB JPG)


Formed in Waverly, Ia. in 1992, SWEAT LODGE was named Eastern Iowa's Best Alternative Band by Gabe's Oasis in 1994. Over the years, the SWEAT LODGE has attracted armies of devoted fans to the carnal spectacle of its live performances. An April, 1996 review in huH magazine aptly described the band's music: "Echoing vocals swirl around raging guitar fury..."

  • Andrew Genous, vocals
  • Dave Welander, guitar
  • Mike Jensen, guitar
  • Luc Readinger, bass
  • Eric Heiserman, drums


Copyright 1996 by Jim Kropa